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Farmers Mutual Insurance Company

In 1889, a group of reputable farmers organized an insurance company in Marion, Indiana, to mutually insure their farm property.

The Farmers Mutual concept of insurance is grass roots, local management meeting the needs of local policyholders.

Farmers Mutual Insurance Company offers:

  • Experience - begun in 1889 by farmers for farmers
  • Responsibility - a consumer-owned mutual insurance company
  • Flexibility - tailor your coverages for the protection you need
  • Convenience - protect your farm with property and liability coverages in one convenient policy package
  • Competitive prices
  • Financial security - Reinsured by Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance
  • Service - we strive to provide:
    • competitive insurance coverages
    • prompt response at time of loss, and payment of just claims
    • personalized, courteous treatment

Performance in Time of Adversity Since 1889

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